Top Blockchain Developers

Based on GitHub data.

# Name Commits Projects GitHub Last commit
61 KtorZ
2440 Cardano KtorZ Nov., 30, 2019
62 Jim Burton

Lead Developer of “lightweight” Bitcoin client MultiBit. He has made various contributions to the bitcoinj library. In the previous dozen years he has worked using Kotlin and Java at financial software houses including HSBC, Banctec and Infor. Burton favors a rapid block-size increase in order to allow for more transactions on the network, rather than focusing on layers built on top of Bitcoin.

2430 Digibyte Litecoin ReddCoin jim618 Feb., 10, 2015
63 Rome Reginelli

Documentation Engineer at Ripple. He wrote API documentation, tutorials, and conceptual information for Ripple's entire product line of finance software including the XRP Ledger, Interledger, and more. Contributed to technical specifications and functional design for several products, and wrote specs and open standards for the Interledger project.


2426 Ripple mDuo13 Nov., 28, 2019
64 John Danz

Full Stack Engineer at Augur Project. He has been working on updating to reflect current API. Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.


2409 Augur JohnDanz Nov., 27, 2019
65 Gonzalo Balabasquer
2404 Maker gbalabasquer Nov., 29, 2019
66 Samuel Furter

Working on Web3.js and Harbour

2394 Ethereum nivida Nov., 29, 2019
67 Alexander Chepurnoy

Core Developer at Scorex. He has been developing software since 2003. Previously Chepurnoy was a core developer of Nxt cryptocurrency and a founding member of, not to mention numerous other projects he participated in. He graduated from Saint Petersburg National Research University (ITMO) and has a few papers published in peer-reviewed Russian journals.

2375 Bitcoin Gold Cardano kushti Dec., 23, 2018
68 Kevin Heifner

Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing, Inc. and Computer Software Consultant. Core contributor to the EOS project, a game-changing, open source blockchain engine with significant performance and scalability benefits. Heifner is highly accomplished in the field of distributed computing, and has developed sophisticated technical solutions for clients in aerospace, defense, energy, and utilities.

2370 EOS heifner Nov., 4, 2019
69 Jason Carver

Developer at Ethereum Foundation. Serial Entrepreneur & Cryptocurrency enthusiast from San-Francisco. Jason works on Ethereum, more specifically Pyton. He is a serial entrepreneur, specializing in web development and operations. He've had a couple acquisitions, the most recent was to LinkedIn in 2014.

2357 Augur Ethereum carver Nov., 27, 2019
70 Steve Ellis
2350 Chainlink Verge se3000 Nov., 30, 2019
71 Vitalik Buterin

Co-founder of Ethereum and Co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalik was involved in the Bitcoin community since 2011, co-founding and writing articles for Bitcoin magazine. But he is primarily known as the boy-genius behind Ethereum, the world’s second-most valued and recognized cryptocurrency platform behind Bitcoin. His visionary project boasts an enormous market cap of over $65 bln dollars, and it keeps growing.

2343 Augur Bitcoin Gold Ethereum Ethereum Classic ReddCoin vbuterin Oct., 17, 2019
72 roadscape.
2337 Bitshares Steem roadscape Nov., 25, 2019
73 Andreas Schildbach
2335 Bitcoin Bitcoin Gold Digibyte Dogecoin Litecoin ReddCoin schildbach Aug., 1, 2018
74 Péter Szilágyi

Team Lead at Ethereum and Seniour Developer for the Platform. He is a multifaceted personality with contributions in other fields. Creator of Regionrank and co-creator of Etherapis. He is the creator of the messaging app called Iris Cloud Messaging.

2312 0x Project Augur Ethereum Ethereum Classic IOST karalabe Nov., 27, 2019
75 Scott Bigelow

Blockchain Developer at Augur Project. Developer, systems architect, and engineering manager, focusing on System Engineering, Solidity Smart Contracts, and Ethereum projects with a passion for open source systems and solutions, especially as it relates to cryptocurrency, systems engineering, and scalability. His involvement with cryptocurrencies began in 2013 with Bitcoin and more recently with Ethereum and Smart Contract development.

2235 Augur epheph May, 10, 2019
76 Maciej Baj

Team Lead at Lisk Core and Backend Developer at Lightcurve. He joined Lisk from Nokia, where he was a Fullstack Developer. During his time at Nokia, he focused on smaller projects in data processing, geolocation and smart city development. He enjoys experimenting with trending technologies and taking on projects from various disciplines; he is particularly fond of artificial intelligence.

2221 Lisk MaciejBaj Nov., 4, 2019
77 Taylor Monahan

Founder & CEO of MyCrypto, one of the leading blockchain interfaces. Previously, she founded MyEtherWallet. She loves the fast-moving, iterative adventure that encompasses the blockchain space & looks forward to ushering in the decentralized future with easy-to-use products.


2212 Augur Ethereum Classic Pundi X tayvano May, 4, 2018
78 Matthew Fettig

Software Developer at Ripple. He is a JavaScript developer. He began learning about currencies and financial markets around the time of the financial crisis in 2007-2008, and had been watching bitcoin for a few years from the sidelines. When bitcoin’s value spiked at the beginning of this year, he started looking around to see what alternative math-based currencies were out there, and found Ripple.

2178 Ripple shekenahglory April, 18, 2019
79 Vahe Hovhannisyan

Currently pushing a commit to @hollowayguides. Previously seen at @ripple @interledger @interledgerjs

2168 Ripple vhpoet Sept., 12, 2016
80 Neil
2166 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Private Bitcoin Unlimited Dash Digibyte Litecoin Qtum Zcoin kyuupichan Sept., 26, 2019