Top Blockchain Developers

Based on GitHub data.

# Name Commits Projects GitHub Last commit
41 Qian Bin

Chief Blockchain Developer at VeChain. With over a decade of developing mobile applications and coming up with industry solutions, Bin Qian is without a doubt a P2P network technology expert. He has a specialty in coming up with innovative internet applications that are based on real-time communication systems.

3190 VeChain qianbin Nov., 29, 2019
42 Shu
3188 Lisk shuse2 Nov., 29, 2019
43 Bartek Nowotarski

Software Engineer at Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere. Nowotarski helped grow the open-source distributed P2P financial network from it's inception in 2014. Stellar is powered by Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology and has been backed by Stripe, Google and Black Rock.

3000 BitTorrent Cardano Stellar bartekn Nov., 21, 2019
44 Dave Collins

Lead Developer at Decred. Dave Collins also worked with Yocom-Piatt as a Bitcoin developer prior to the founding of Decred, a cryptocurrency which introduces an innovative system of community-based governance into its blockchain.

2952 Bitcoin Decred Litecoin Qtum ReddCoin Stellar Zcoin davecgh Nov., 27, 2019
45 Ali Haghighatkhah

Frontend Developer at Lisk working on Lisk Hub. Prior to joining Lisk, Ali lived and worked in Tehran. Ali holds a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Sistan in Iran.


2950 Lisk reyraa Nov., 29, 2019
46 Rusty Russell

Open Source Software Developer. He is a Linux kernel dev who wandered into Blockstream, and is currently trying to produce a prototype and spec for bitcoin lightning. Currently working on Lightning Network, a payment protocol that works as a second layer on top of a blockchain.


2947 Bitcoin Bitcoin Diamond Bitcoin Unlimited Dash Qtum rustyrussell Jan., 14, 2019
47 Pavol Rusnak

Co-Founder of SatoshiLabs. CTO, Core Developer and Cryptographer of SatoshiLabs, where he is leading the development of software and hardware projects such as TREZOR, the first hardware wallet. Rusnak is an all-around hacker, open-source enthusiast and technology geek. He first learned about Bitcoin in 2011 when he participated in the organization of European Bitcoin Conference in Prague.

2936 0x Project Aeternity Bitcoin Bitcoin Private Bytecoin Cardano Dash Digibyte EOS Ethereum Ethereum Classic IOST Litecoin Maker Monero Qtum ReddCoin Verge Zcash Zcoin prusnak Nov., 9, 2019
48 Fabian Vogelsteller

Lead Dapp Developer at Ethereum Labs. He is building some of Ethereum’s most well-known projects including Mist Browser, the Ethereum Wallet, and Web3.js, the JavaScript library you use to communicate to your local node in a distributed ledger. His most known project is the ERC-20 Token Standard, conceived together with Vitalik Buterin.

2933 Bitshares Chainlink Decred Ethereum Ethereum Classic frozeman March, 25, 2019
49 Gaëtan Renaudeau

gl-react creator – – front lead @LedgerHQ –

2853 Aeternity Chainlink Verge gre June, 28, 2019
50 Michael Vandeberg

Lead Blockchain Developer at Steemit. He worked as a Laboratory Assistant at George Fox University. Vandeberg then worked at Virginia Tech as a Graduate Research Assistant and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Following this, Vandeberg worked as a Software Engineer for Cryptonomex Inc (Dec 2015 - Mar 2016) before becoming the Lead Blockchain Developer at Steemit in April 2016.


2846 EOS Steem mvandeberg Nov., 26, 2019
51 Vinnie Falco

Author of Boost.Beast and Software Engineer C++. Currently working on Boost.Beast, an HTTP and WebSocket library. Previously worked on Ripple, a real-time gross settlement system and currency exchange. He is also president of the CPPAlliance.

2738 Bitcoin Bitcoin Unlimited Ripple vinniefalco June, 12, 2017
52 Dimitry


2651 Ethereum Ethereum Classic winsvega Nov., 29, 2019
53 moneromooo-monero
2608 Monero moneromooo-monero Nov., 11, 2019
54 NashMiao


2584 Ontology Qtum NashMiao Nov., 26, 2019
55 Marco Falke

Blockchain Developer at Bitcoin. Не previously contributed to Bitcoin Core as maintainer in his spare time. He moved to New York in 2017 to work full-time at Сhaincode Labs on open source software. Achievements: testing & quality maintainer for Bitcoin core (13 april 2016), sanity-checking the wallet fee functionality, reviewing and overseeing merge pull request for the QA and testing framework.

2554 Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Diamond Bitcoin SV Bitcoin Unlimited Dash Digibyte Dogecoin Litecoin Qtum ReddCoin Stratis Zcash Zcoin MarcoFalke Nov., 25, 2019
56 Denis Davidyuk

Developer of decentralized application Aeternity, a scalable blockchain platform that enables high-speed transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles. Davidyuk attended Far Eastern Federal University where he studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

2551 Aeternity Bytecoin davidyuk Nov., 29, 2019
57 Ruslan Prokofev


2542 Waves mefilt Nov., 27, 2019
58 Ivan Socolsky

Software Developer at BitPay, Inc. The role involves design and development of backend software for several open source projects. He earned his degree in computer engineering in 2000 from Universidad Nacional de Tucuman.

2519 Bitcoin Private Decred Digibyte Litecoin isocolsky Sept., 8, 2017
59 clemahieu
2514 Nano clemahieu Oct., 2, 2019
60 Ilya Smagin

Lead Developer of Waves. He is the head of smart contract development for the Waves Platform. Since joining Waves team in late 2016, Ilya has been extensively working on major platform optimizations, took key part in implementation of Waves NG protocol, currently leads research and development of Smart Contacts.

2447 Waves ismagin Nov., 22, 2019